The Singapore Cat Club is affiliated with the Cat Fanciers' Associated, Inc., the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats.

About us

The Singapore Cat Club strives to promote the welfare of all cats by encouraging responsible cat ownership and providing references & advice for any aspects of cat care.
The club is run by a group of commitee members who are ourselves cat lovers and experience breeders, therefor any potential owners who have enquiries regarding purchase of cats can find useful information by consulting us. Our passion for cats will ensure that we keep abreast of changes and developments in any aspects of the feline evolution.  

We also conduct seminars and educational presentations which have been proven useful for any cat owners and last but not least, organize cat shows to congratulate & reward the proud owners who have invested hard work into the upkeeping of their cats and inevitably, the breed.

Official Office Bearer

President: Roszanah P Mohamed
Vice-present: William Sim
Hon Vice president: Lucy Koh

Secretary: Sanip Said

Treasurer: Eddy Sazali

Committee Members:
Margaret Tang
Edah Hassan

William Sim
Dede Tan
Lush Tan

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External Auditor: Cynthia Teo